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Aaron Brooks, the singer and songwriter of the acclaimed American psychedelic rock band Simeon Soul Charger, returns with this album after a two-year leave from the music scene. In 2011 he moved to Germany with his band and over the years they garnered a large fan base all over Europe. In 2016 the Soul Chargers disbanded, their members following their own musical paths and with “Homunculus” we now hold the result of Aaron’s creative break in our hands. And it is spectacular! If you close your eyes to the music of Aaron Brooks on his solo debut “Homunculus”, films shoot straight into your head. Dark films, cynical films, wild films – like Tim Burton’s animated features – and then there are always those spectacular moments when the sun rises.

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You can simply sense that Aaron loves writing music and recording it in the studio, yes, he needs it – it’s a kind of catharsis for him. It’s nice that he lets us participate in this process and floods all the darkness with light again and again.


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01) Consume
02) You’re Just a Picture in a Frame
03) Wake Up the Mountain
04) Everybody Dies
05) Lies
06) Jesus
07) By Your Halo or the Fork of Your Tongue
08) Nobody Knows What it’s Like to be Someone Else
09) The Idiot
10) Bodega, Bodega
11) I’m Afraid
12) What is a Man but an Animal’s End
13) Digital

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