TANYC seems to have the answers in uncertain times, or she just made her own world. This is adult music, sarcasm and youthful superficiality are looked for in vain, or not at all. Here you are looking for definitive, carefully and carefully constructed artistic statements that were conceived from the pen of virtuoso students of upscale pop music. TANYC is anything but an unknown, as part of the duo CAMA she has long since celebrated major successes. TANYC has released a wonderful album that will see the light of day in early summer 2021, or vice versa, will shine into the world.

Artist-Website: www.tanyc-music.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/tanycmusic
Listen here: https://smarturl.it/Tanyc_Smile

TANYC: vocaly, harmonies, keyboards Kalle Wallner: guitars, bass, keys & programming Yogi Lang: keys & programming Tom Norris: violin Heiko Jung: bass Stephan Weiser: piano Nir Z: drums
21Oct 2020

Dates soon!


  1. Smile (Single)


    TANYC “It’s so easy to keep a smile on my face” – based on the kill them with kindness principle, TANYC defies all negative vibes in their first single. It almost seems as if she has all the answers for uncertain times. At least she makes it unmistakably clear that she is exclusively following her own northing: “by the order of my inner voice” it says in the chorus and it is so ethereally raptured, but at the same time determined and concrete. Above all, however, it sticks in the listener’s head, this song is magnetic and it’s difficult to get rid of, but above all because you don’t want to. “Smile”, for which an elaborate video was produced, is TANYC’s first public sign of life and it sounds so experienced and monumental that you can hardly believe you are dealing with a newcomer. This may be true under this project name, but Carmen Tannich is anything but a stranger per se. As one half of CAMA, she’s already celebrated major hits with a handful of songs, but this is all about her. Here TANYC has lived out her own pop vision, a marriage of electronica, high quality songwriting and organic elements such as guitars and this voice that dominates everything here. The lavishly opulent vocal arrangements show the palette of timbres that TANYC paints here on her music easel, she understands her voice as an instrument, as a choir, as an orchestra and apparently all at the same time. “Smile” is the harbinger of an entire album that is scheduled for early summer 2021 and will be released on 23 October 2020 on all streaming portals. And given the news, the approaching winter and looking back on a crazy year, this single is a glistening ray of hope, deep power and positivity. That sounds more esoteric than it is, rather “Smile” is a very high quality, grown-up pop song from a master’s hand, which even now releases itself into many ears, lives and emotions.

    Release: 23 Oct 2020
    Media Streaming & Digital GAOM067SM
    Label Gentle Art Of Music
    Distribution Soulfood Music
    TANYC: vocals
    Kalle Wallner: guitars, bass, keys & programming
    Yogi Lang: keys & programming
    01) Smile

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