Shipping and handling costs

DHL and Deutsche Post may experience delays due to Covid19. Shipments outside the EU are currently not possible.

Prices, shipping and handling costs, additional delivery informations.

If an order includes products which are not yet released (pre-order), the order will be shipped when all desired items are available.

All prices of the products on our sites are inclusive of VAT and all price components. Shipping and handling costs will be added by placing the desired items to the cart and enter your zip and country code.

The following shipping and handling costs are VAT excluded:

Shipping and handling – Germany:
to 500g: 3,90 €
500g – 1Kg: 4,50 €
1Kg – 2Kg: 5,90 €
from 2Kg: 6,90 €

Shipping and handling – EU:
to 500g: 5,90 €
500g – 1kg: 9,90 €
1kg – 2kg: 13,90 €
from 2kg: 21,90 €

Shipping and handling – Europe, not EU:
to 500g: 5,90 €
500g to 1kg: 9,90 €
1kg to 2kg: 17,90 €
from 2kg: 29,90 €

Shipping and handling – rest of the world:

Countries of DHL Zone 4: (Egypt, Algeria, Georgia, Israel, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Russia, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey)
to 500g: 7,90 €
500g to 1kg: 9,90 €
1kg to 2kg: 28,90 €
from 2kg: 51,90 €

Countries of DHL Zone 5: (Australia, Canada, China, Japan, USA)
to 500g: 7,90 €
500g to 1kg: 9,90 €
1kg to 2kg: 34,90 €
from 2kg: 76,90 €

Orders will be sent by Deutsche Post / DHL (incl. tracking number). In case of special orders, special delivery, or delivery in countries not listed in our regular shipment list, please contact us.