Frequency Drift

Since 7 years, the 6 musicians around the initiator and keyboardist Andreas Hack and her band ‘Frequency Drift’ are on their mission for characteristical sound. In the meanwhile the band can look back on 5 albums and the athmospheric music set the fans in great ecstasy and coined the term of ‘Cinematic Music’ as a style of the band which further is confirmed on the upcoming sixth album ‘Last’. Especially the unusual instrumentation catches your eye, or ear: E-harps, violins, clarinets or medieval instruments found on many of the overlong songs.


Andreas Hack (keyboards, guitars)
Nerissa Schwarz (harp, mellotron)
Melli Mau (vocals)
Martin Schnella (guitar)
Rainer Wolf (bass)
Wolfgang Ostermann (drums, percussion and strange sounds)
16Mar 2015

27-29 April 2018 | UK-Chepstow, Winter’s End-Festival

Frequency Drift | Last | CD


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Frequency Drift | Over | CD


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  1. Last

    Frequency Drift | Over

    Going to the movies – in your head
    Frequency Drift are the movie buffs of the music scene. With its latest album Last the six-piece collective from Bavaria’s Bayreuth once again stepped up to create a visually as well as acoustically stunning story composed of sounds, pictures, words and emotions. And through it all, the band relish defying all the rules. The desperation is tangible, the pain is palpable and yet there is a chance for a happy ending. Here goes the curtain!
    On their meanwhile sixth record Frequency Drift achieve a true quantum leap. For instance, one can of course once again hear the complex soundscapes that have been a band trademark since the beginning and that provide the backdrop for the stories of the six Bavarians. This time, though, songwriters and producers Andreas Hack and Nerissa Schwarz have decided to create a livelier, warmer and all in all more challenging big picture. Never have Frequency Drift sounded more graphic, never was the listener able to sense, grasp, see and, indeed, experience the cinematic aspect of the band’s music. As soon as the lights in the auditorium have faded out, the story begins to take the listener.
    On their new album Frequency Drift once more refuse to accept the commonly applied parameters of the genre as a binding requisite. This time around, again there is tremendous experimenting with the alienation of sounds in order to be able to portrait the ragged emotional landscapes of Last even more hauntingly. That is why not only the electric harp plays a leading role more than ever, but one can also hear the sounds of rather exotic instruments as the mellotron as well as the theremin. Also there are breathtakingly extraordinary adapted arrangements that make the emotional force of the music even more intense.
    There is no denying: this new piece is the most coherent and courageous album in the history of this band. The music, the lyrics and the artwork of the booklet are equally important pillars that carry the synthesis of the arts that is Last. Only when these three elements interact with each other, one can really grasp and experience the enormous and vast scope of this project. Frequency Drift do not only provide the music, they also bring along the whole film.
    On Last the creative minds from Bayreuth have established a scene in which the protagonist collects old photographs, absorbs the sentiments and emotions they contain and, whilst doing so, increasingly drifts into a state of obsession. Every song tells the story of one of the photographs that have just as profound an impact on the storyline’s characters as they do on the listener.
    In the perception of the material Frequency Drift challenge the audience emotionally as well as artistically, and yet there is always enough room left for personal associations, a fact that at all times also makes Last an entertaining journey into one’s own personality. That is how the cinemas in the listeners’ heads show a film, the originality, dynamics, emotionality and wildness of which guarantees for a both fascinating as well as enjoyable experience that appeals to all the senses. When it comes to Last entertainment and intellectual aspiration have their hands in the same bag of popcorn.
    In Last Andreas Hack, Nerissa Schwarz and the four other musicians have created a piece of art that more than ever fuses the diverse influences into an intensive whole that does not only avoid clichés and transcend genre borders through its sheer versatility and the pleasure in the unusual but also lifts Frequency Drift into another artistic dimension. Hardly ever has one been able to hear spherical worlds of sound and catchy melodies coexist that beautifully with the complexity of an enormously ambitious approach.
    Ladies and Gentlemen, lean back comfortably, close your eyes and just enjoy the movie!

    LabelGentle Art Of Music
    DistributionSoulfood Music
    Andreas Hack (keyboards, guitars)
    Nerissa Schwarz (harp, mellotron)
    Melli Mau (vocals)
    Martin Schnella (guitar)
    Rainer Wolf (bass)
    Wolfgang Ostermann (drums, percussion and strange sounds)
    01. Traces 7:08
    02. Diary 5:31
    03. Merry 5:08
    04. Shade 5:52
    05. Treasured 08:25
    06. Last Photo 07:59
    07. Hidden 5:34
    08. Asleep 8:31
  2. Over

    Frequency Drift | Over

    Frequency Drift Over The harp, the cello, the violin, the flute, the gemshorn – and all that in a rock band? Really? Yes! On their new album Frequency Drift merge influences as diverse as Pink Floyd, Renaissance and film music in fascinating fashion: cinematic progressive rock. Sounds interesting? That’s because it is!

    Founded in 2007 by keyboarder and mastermind Andreas Hack, Bayreuth-based Frequency Drift now present their fifth studio album Over. When compared to its critically acclaimed predecessors the record shows tremendous progress – yet again. More than ever the instruments are in the center of attention and, in addition to the abovementioned variety, this time there are instrumental exotics such as the duclar, a tin whistle, different harps, a marimba and a wavedrum. Thus Frequency Drift enter an entirely new dimension within the rock-context, elegantly avoid the pitfalls of cliché of the genre and finally create a musical mixture that holds something for everybody, ranging from prog-fans via lovers of world music all the way to listeners of classical works.

    This love of experimenting also becomes evident in the fact that, opposed to general customs, the band decided to not have only one single voice on the record. Frequency Drift rather went with a different plan. With the spectacular shooting star Isa Fallenbacher, who appears on the majority of the songs, as well as the jazz-trained Agathe Labus there are no less than two singers that perform the lyrics that function as the listeners’ keywords – while still leaving space for interpretation.

    As regards content, especially, the fifth album of the southern Germans has an almost unprecedented depth to offer. The band deals with the area of tension between idyll and decay and in that fuses the urban and cold sounds of the Personal Effects Pt. 1 & Pt. 2 records from the early days of Frequency Drift with the warm and more organic sounds of the recent records Ghosts and Laid to Rest. Held together by an ever larger harmonic and rhythmic variety, a fascinating masterpiece comes together that is perfected by the cover pictures of Alina Rudya. The work of the Ukrainian shows the photographer’s hometown of Pripyat that has been abandoned since the Chernobyl disaster and where nature continues to make its way – despite all existence-threatening conditions. Corresponding to those aesthetics Frequency Drift, through their soundscapes, create a surreal atmosphere of loss, decay, abandonment but also liberation. The fact that the generous use of effects often leads to space-ish sounds only adds further to that impression.

    By always pursuing the extraordinary in terms of both the arrangements as well as the selection of instruments, Frequency Drift establish their very own style to which they furthermore add numerous innovations and that they continue to follow consequently on Over. Here the love of experimenting becomes the concept. Sibylle Friz (cello), Andreas Hack (keyboards), Christian Hack (guitar, flute, duclar, wavedrum), Jasper Jöris (gemshorn, marimba), Ulrike Reichel (violin, viola), Tino Schmidt (bass) and Nerissa Schwarz (co-songwriter, acoustic and electric harp) have established a wonderfully fruitful collaboration with RPWL’s Yogi Lang (sound mixing) for this impressive piece of music. With guitar virtuoso Martin Schnella (Flaming Row), Kalle Wallner (RPWL, bass) and drummer Phil Paul Rissettio (Ex-RPWL) three guest musicians have followed Frequency Drift’s call and contributed to what amounts to a truly exceptional artistic experience.

    LabelGentle Art Of Music
    DistributionSoulfood Music
    Andreas Hack (keyboards, guitars, bass)
    Isa Fallenbacher (vocals)
    Agathe Labus (vocals)
    Nerissa Schwarz (electric harp)
    Christian Hack (guitar, bass)
    Steve Hohenberger (guitar)
    Martin Schnella (acoustic & electric guitars)
    Tino Schmidt (bass)
    Sibylle Friz (cello)
    Ulrike Reichel (violin, viola)
    Jasper Jöris (gemshorn)
    Phil Paul Rissettio (drums)
    Kalle Wallner (bass, guitars)
    01. Run
    02. Once
    03. Adrift
    04. Them
    05. Sagittarius A*
    06. Suspended
    07. Wave
    08. Wander
    09. Driven
    10. Release
    11. Memory
    12. Disappeared
  3. Laid To Rest

    Frequency Drift | Laid To Rest

    Frequency Drift Laid To Rest Having started with a single concert in the course of a band contest, Frequency Drift advanced to one of the insiders’ tips of Germany’s Prog Scene: Frequency drift are going to release their fourth album „Laid To Rest“ on the RPWL-Label Gentle Art Of Music. With this record however they won’t lay theirselves to rest at all: Just in time for their Show at the legendary „Night Of The Prog“-Festival at Loreley on 6th of July the new Cinematic Prog Album of Frequency Drift will show up in stores.
    Since 5years the 7 musicians around initiator and keyboarder Andreas Hack are dealing with extraordinary Prog-Music. Their thematically linked debut albums „Personal Effects 1“ and „Personal Effects 2“, as well as their follower „Ghosts“ have been thrilling the fans of atmospheric Prog-Music, and coined the term of „Cinematic Prog“ as the band’s style. Thereby, the extraordinary instruments are a real eye-, or ear-catcher: Clarinette, E-harp, and several mideval instruments like Gemshorn find a place next to singer Antje Auer on the overlong tracks. The lyrics – partly inspired by Romanic or Victorian poems – are perceiveing theirselves just as accessory parts to a unique sound construction. At the same time, the band doesn’t have any appeal to be exceptional by all means: „We want to call up the listeners associations, and don’t make up selected pictures. Our music wants to be discovered, and should awake and challenge our listeners with special instruments.“ , Mastermind Andreas Hack points out: „I’m glad to have found a more than dignified Lead Singer with Antje.“
    Frequency Drift are now taking advantage of their Show at the famous „Night Of The Prog“ Festival 2012 to release their latest opus „Laid To Rest“ together with the RPWL-lablel Gentle Art Of Music. The Album will be available everywhere at 6th of July.

    „Still I gazed, and still the form
    Pressed upon my aching sight
    Still I braved the howling storm
    When the ghost dissolved in night.“

    (Frequency Drift – „Cold“, inspired by Percy Bysshe Shelley)

    LabelGentle Art Of Music
    DistributionSoulfood Music
    Antje Auer (vox)
    Christian Hack (guitar, flutes, clarinette)
    Jürgen Rennecke (bass, stick)
    Nerissa Schwarz (harp)
    Andreas Hack (keys)
    Frank Schmitz (violin)
    Jasper Jöris (drums, percussion, gemshorn)

    Guest Appearances:
    Barbara Jöris (gemshorn & sev. mideval instruments)
    Thomas Epp: (clarinette)
    Alexander Galimbis (guitar)
    Martin Schnella (guitar)

    1. Dead
    2. Parted
    3. Cold
    4. Wish
    5. Ice
    6. Copper