RPWL have now been an inherent part of the global art rock scene and indispensable part of the live music cycle for more than fifteen years. Initially founded as a Pink Floyd-cover band in 1997 RPWL have since then successively developed into Germany’s foremost art rock act. In addition to a dozen releases and multiple chart successes RPWL have not only played innumerable enthusiastically received live shows in Germany, France, Poland, Spain, the Netherlands or Belgium. Furthermore the band has also delighted fans in countries like the United States, Canada or Mexico with its complex soundscape. This is where virtuosity meets the joy of playing music.

Artist-Website: www.rpwl.net

Yogi Lang (vocals, keyboards)
Kalle Wallner (guitars)
Markus Jehle (keyboards)
Marc Turiaux (drums)
16Mar 2015

“Tales From Outer Space” Tour 2019:

20 Nov 2019 | D-Rüsselsheim, Das Rind
21 Nov 2019 | D-Bonn, Harmonie
22 Nov 2019 | NL-Alphen aan den Reijn, Parkvilla
23 Nov 2019 | NL-Helmond, Cacaofabriek
24 Nov 2019 | D-Oberhausen, Zentrum Altenberg

(Weitere Termine in Planung / More dates to follow)



  1. Live From Outer Space

    RPWL | Tales From Outer Space

    The Return of the Space Cowboys

    “Tales From Outer Space”, the tenth studio album by RPWL, the subtle art rockers from Freising, entered various charts, reached a remarkable 49th place in the German album charts and successfully put science fiction at the centre of seven great songs. This was followed by a fantastic tour in April 2019 from Glasgow via Warsaw to Basel, France and Germany with many full and sold out houses. But most important for the band was the enthusiastic feedback from the fans, who unanimously spoke of the “best RPWL tour ever”.

    Therefore the decision was made to release a seventh live album with “Live From Outer Space” after ten studio and six live albums. It will be released on November 15, 2019 on CD, vinyl (each as a double set) as well as on Blue-ray and DVD. Another reason: “RPWL’s live versions are often different than in the studio, many parts are much more extensive, often jammed live,” explains guitarist Kalle Wallner.

    Conceptually, sci-fi played a central role at the gigs as well as on the studio album. The complete album can be heard – with some extra songs from a band history that goes back to the year 1997, of course – accompanied by a harmonious light show with video clips designed for the respective songs. You can tell the band had a lot of fun with the concept as well as with the realisation on stage and so some solos actually have a sunrise over a newly discovered planet!

    The film was shot at the outstanding performance in Zoetermeer (NL): “The Culturpodium De Boerderij in Zoetermeer was the perfect place – great stage, great light, you could say it is the Dutch prog temple. We have been playing concerts there regularly for eighteen years now, so we have a long and very friendly relationship with the venue and the crew,” says singer Yogi Lang. Fueled by the great feedback of the fans and the press, new dates are scheduled for November in Germany and again in the Netherlands.

    Sebastian Harnack (Sylvan / Blind Ego), a friend of the band for many years, was responsible for the deep tones on this tour. He already filmed the concert film “A New Dawn” and the two single videos “A New World” and “What I Really Need” for the current album.

    This tour was documented by “Live From Outer Space”, a live album that is hereby recommended to art rock and sci-fi fans alike!


    Veröffentlichung 15 November 2019
    Media 2CD Digisleeve GAOM063
    Vinyl (180g, coloured lim. edition) GAOM063LP
    Blu-ray GAOM063BR
    Label Gentle Art Of Music
    Distribution Soulfood
    Yogi Lang (vocals, keyboards)
    Kalle Wallner (guitars)
    Markus Jehle (keyboards)
    Marc Turiaux (drums)
    Sebastian Harnack (bass, bass pedals)


    01. News From Outer Space
    02. A New World
    03. Welcome To The Freak Show
    04. Light Of The World
    05. Not Our Place To Be
    06. What I Really Need
    07. Give Birth To The Sun
    08. Far Away From Home
    09. Hole In The Sky
    10. Sleep
    11. Masters Of War
    12. Trying To Kiss The Sun
    13. Roses
    14. Unchain The Earth (nur CD)

  2. Tales From Outer Space

    RPWL | Tales From Outer Space


    Encounters of the third kind

    “There are many stories about visits from extraterrestrials. Sometimes the aliens come as friends, sometimes they come to enslave us. On this cold night, lights in the sky are making people all over the world uneasy…”

    The aliens in “A New World” – the first song of the new album Tales From Outer Space by the Bavarian progrockers RPWL – meet the aforementioned band and learn by “laying on their hands” how much suffering and evil caused by humans prevails on earth and immediately leave again, completely shocked.

    After eight studio albums, one best-of album and six live albums, the spaceship RPWL penetrates into the infinite vastness of space and when we write the year 2019, more precisely star date 22 March 2019, the disc has landed. With their four-man crew, they have dedicated themselves entirely to science fiction on the new LP. Singer and keyboarder Yogi Lang: “This time it didn’t turn out to be a concept album in the true sense. But there are seven short stories about science fiction. For us it was not only thematically very interesting, but also musically an unbelievable playground, which literally invited us to experiment with sounds and all imaginable musical stylistic devices”.

    Thus, “Not Our Place To Be” begins with horror strings and electronic noises and immediately conveys the uncomfortable feeling of entering a strange planet. In contrast to this the following song “What I Really Need”, spreads a positive mood with delay guitars. But the space glider RPWL has not lost contact with earth, especially in this song the lyrics counteract the music and touch upon sensitive subjects, asking critical questions about the current consumer behaviour of mankind.

    In general, the music of RPWL can best be assigned to art and progressive rock, but it is always song oriented. And the soft voice of Yogi Lang, which reminds a little of David Gilmour, holds everything together. While the last two albums Wanted and Beyond Man In Time were concept albums, this time there isn’t a coherent story – but science fiction is the common denominator.

    Of course, there is always an underlying comparison with Pink Floyd, but the band has also fired it up themselves with the release and performance of the first conceptual live show, Pink Floyd’s The Man And The Journey. And to be compared with the early work of Pink Floyd is certainly not the worst reference, even and especially when Guy Pratt (Pink Floyd, David Gilmour) himself performs a song on the bass.

    Guitarist Kalle Wallner, who shines especially in “Light Of The World” with his lyrical guitar playing: “After three live albums it was a lot of fun to create our own songs again. I am incredibly proud of the new album and can hardly wait until we can finally present it live on our extensive European tour next April!”


    Release 22 March 2019
    Media Lim. Collector’s Box GAOM061BOX
    Vinyl (4 different colors) GAOM061LP
    CD Digipak GAOM061
    Label Gentle Art Of Music
    Distribution Soulfood
    Yogi Lang (vocals, keyboards)
    Kalle Wallner (guitars, bass)
    Markus Jehle (keyboards)
    Marc Turiaux (drums)

    A New World
    Welcome To The Freak Show
    Light Of The World
    Not Our Place To Be
    What I Really Need
    Give Birth To The Sun
    Far Away From Home

  3. A New Dawn

    RPWL | A New Dawn

    The concept albums “Wanted” (2014) and “Beyond Man And Time” (2012) are widely recognized as the pinnacle of German art rock giants RPWL’s discography which meanwhile comprises more than a dozen releases. On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, the band is now set to release the long-awaited concert movie “A New Dawn.” It documents the last stop of the tour in support of the “Wanted” album and that evening the Bavarians played in their hometown of Freising, Bavaria in October 2015. The show is an elaborately assembled combination of elements of a rock concert, a multimedia event and a play. This was the first and only time that the mammoth-production was brought to the stage. In addition to the musicians themselves the cast comprised around fifty actors and extras.

    The movie “A New Dawn” will be release on 14. July 2017 via Gentle Art Of Music on blue-ray as well as DVD. In addition to that, a recording of the concert will be released as double CD and triple LP. As a special edition of only several hundred copies, collectors can get the ultimate treat: in addition to the aforementioned parts the lavishly designed Limited Collector’s Box “A New Dawn” also comprises the script of the Freising performance, a poster and, as a very particular treat, one of the prescription liberation pills from the show, by the name of “Veritas Forte.”

    With “Beyond Man And Time” RPWL had already started spinning the big wheel, both musically as well as thematically: the first part of the, then still evolving, album trilogy about the liberation of the mind was a direct reference to Friedrich Nietzsches opus magnum “Thus Spoke Zarathustra.” The multi-layered concept revolved around a protagonist, seeking his inner self. As a sequel RPWL came up with a both imaginative as well as bizarre story about a band trying to spread a homeopathic drug entitled “Veritas Forte” that is based on a secret recipe against tiredness of the mind among the people of the world. Being faced with the wrath of political and religious leaders, the band is driven underground – and is consequently “Wanted.”

    The following “Wanted” tour lead RPWL through eight European countries where the group celebrated the gigs as delicately woven multi-media events. The last show of the tour, on 31. October 2015, took place under very special circumstances: for the occasion of this very special performance the show was not only massively re-arranged altogether, but it even received a new title: “A New Dawn.” Selected “Wanted” chapters were extended and the production directly established a connection with the “Beyond Man And Time” album – through the medium of acting. All in all the performance turned into a memorable show in front of an enthusiastic audience. RPWL refer to the night as one of the absolute highlights in their career – and rightly so.

    The “A New Dawn” blue-ray and DVD versions comprise identical two-hour-long stereo and surround mixes of the concert, each with audio tracks in both English as well as German. For the English version the lines from the German-language live show were dubbed by the narrator and the actors. In both formats the following extras can be selected independently from the main movie: a fifteen-minute “Making of” of the concert movie, the recording of the encore of the Freising show “Unchain The Earth” as well as the official video clip of the splendid “Wanted” long track “Swords And Guns.”


    Release 14 July 2017
    Media Blu-Ray Digipak GAOM046BR
    DVD Digipak GAOM046DVD
    2CD Digipak GAOM046CD
    3Vinyl Gatefold GAOM046LP
    Collector’s-Box (limited edition) GAOM046BOX
    Label Gentle Art Of Music
    Distribution Soulfood
    Yogi Lang (vocals, keyboards)
    Kalle Wallner (guitars)
    Markus Jehle (keyboards)
    Werner Taus (bass)
    Marc Turiaux (drums)

    Tracklisting Bluray/DVD:
    Oh Hapless Man*
    Swords And Guns
    This Ancient Formula*
    A Clear Cut Line
    Like To Like*
    The Fisherman
    Sound Of Loneliness*
    Hide And Seek
    From Paul To Saul*
    Misguided Thought
    Still Asleep
    Home Shopping*
    Perfect Day
    The Attack
    The Eternal Recurrence*
    A New Dawn
    Revelation Reprise

    Bonus (Bluray / DVD):
    Unchain The Earth (Live)
    Swords And Guns (Official Video Clip)
    Making Of-Film (deutsch, engl. Untertitel)

    Tracklisting CD/Vinyl:
    Swords And Guns
    A Clear Cut Line
    Like To Like*
    The Fisherman
    Hide And Seek
    Misguided Thought
    Still Asleep
    Home Shopping* (nur Vinyl)
    Perfect Day
    The Attack
    A New Dawn
    Revelation Reprise
    Unchain The Earth
    Hole In The Sky

    * narration/acting

  4. RPWL Plays Pink Floyd’s ‘The Man And The Journey’

    RPWL | RPWL Plays Pink Floyd’s ‘The Man And The Journey

    For more than eighteen years RPWL have been an important element of the global artrock scene now and they have long become an inevitable presence on the stages of the world. Recently the band toured its critically acclaimed concept album “Wanted” that did not only hit the German album chart.

    For their 2015/2016 “History” tour, RPWL have come up with something very special: Pink Floyd’s legendary first concept show of 1969 was entitled “The Man And The Journey.” It is a true classic that, however, never managed to make its way onto a sound carrier. RPWL have now revived that show – in the inimitable way that made RPWL famous themselves.

    But that’s only the first part of the story: RPWL bring along a brand new live CD and DVD that contains the very “The Man And The Journey” show, filmed and recorded during a performance at “De Cacaofabriek” in Helmond, Netherlands.

    The recording showcases a band in top form that brings the unorthodox set to life with playful lightness. RPWL take the audience on a trip through a human’s life. From getting up in the morning, going to work, all the way to nightmares and a lot more: in the first part of the show the band lays out the regular course of a person’s day. The second part, though, consists of the dreamlike spiritual contemplation of all the things that happened in the first part.

    In the process the musical implementation proves extremely imaginative: during “Work” all kinds of utensils create sounds – even a toolbox is made to come to life musically. On songs like “Nightmare” – the song that later became famous as “Cymbaline” – the band amazes with fascinating ensemble playing. The improvised solos do not only show the individual virtuosity of the respective band member in breathtaking manner but they also demonstrate the degree of ease with which the band manages to master the atmospheric, dynamic and sound-related hurdles hidden in this extraordinary example of psychedelic music. The magnificent and perfectly embedded visuals further enhance the artistic experience: they beautifully accompany the band as well as the audience on this journey through the early works of Pink Floyd.

    The CD/DVD will be out in time for the start of the tour on 21st October 2016 in Freising.

    Release 28 October 2016
    Media CD&DVD double Digipak GAOM048
    Label Gentle Art Of Music
    Distribution Soulfood
    Yogi Lang (vocals, keyboards)
    Kalle Wallner (guitars)
    Markus Jehle (keyboards)
    Werner Taus (bass)
    Marc Turiaux (drums)

    Part I: The Man
    1. Daybreak, Pt. I
    2. Work
    3. Afternoon
    4. Doing It
    5. Sleep
    6. Nightmare
    7. Daybreak, Pt. II
    Part II: The Journey
    8. The Beginning
    9. Beset By Creatures Of The Deep
    10. The Narrow Way
    11. The Pink Jungle
    12. The Labyrinths Of Auximines
    13. Behold The Temple Of Light
    14. The End Of The Beginning

  5. RPWL Plays Pink Floyd

    RPWL | RPWL Plays Pink Floyd

    RPWL playing the older Pink Floyd Songs, recorded live during concerts from 2010 to 2015. On this exclusive and limited Album you find songs like Pink Floyd’s first hit-single “Arnold Layne”, written by original frontman “Syd Barrett”, or the unreleased Song “The Embryo”. Listen to “Atom Heart Mother” (in a version when it still was called “the psychedelic pudding”) or the forgotten live version of Dave Gilmours “Fat Old Sun”, all part of their life performances from 1969 up to 1972. Also worth mentioning are the Songs “Green Is The Colour”, “Behold The Temple Of Light” and “The Narrow Way”, Songs from their !969 Show “The Man And The Journey”. Including Bonus Song “Let there be more Light”, previously released on the sold-out RPWL Album “9”.?All in all over 70 minutes of RPWL performing Pink Floyd Classics!
    Only available on Tour or here in our webshop.

    Release 21.09.2015
    Media CD GAOM041
    Label Gentle Art Of Music
    Distribution Gentle Art Of Music
    Yogi Lang (vocals, keyboards)
    Kalle Wallner (guitars)
    Markus Jehle (keyboards)
    Werner Taus (bass)
    Marc Turiaux (drums)
    1. Arnold Layne 5:14
    2. The Embryo 17:18
    3. Green Is Zhe Colour 3:24
    4. Atom Heart Mother 11:33
    5. Fat Old Sun 19:26
    6. The Narrow Way (incl. Behold The Temple Of Light”) 8:40
    7. Let There Be More Light 6:29 (Bonus Track, taken from the album “9”)



  6. Wanted

    RPWL | Wanted

    RPWL - Wanted The band that knew too much

    Germany’s outstanding art rock act was recently confronted with a rather difficult question: how do you follow up a both epic as well as celebrated album as was the Nietzsche-themed Beyond Man and Time? Here’s the answer: you tackle the really, really huge topic on your new record Wanted – the ultimate liberation of the spirit.

    But… How does an idea like that spring to the minds of an art rock band in the first place?

    RPWL tell of the hero of two worlds, Giuseppe Garibaldi who, being a tremendous admirer of the Greek antiquity became aware of a scroll of Plato’s in which he analyzes the work of Hippocrates. It can be read in Garibaldi’s diaries that Hippocrates had in fact found the formula for a medicine that leads the spirit into a real and absolute world, free of all illusion and invisible ghost worlds. The question, however, that inevitable arises at that point is the following: is the human race ready for what Plato called the “gift of absolute freedom?”

    It lies in the artistic fearlessness of RPWL that the band is not afraid of transferring that complex question to the world of today: is modern man, being the evolutionary creature that he is, ready for absolute freedom? To explore that, these Bavarians have established a back story full of fantasy. In it RPWL and their friends aim at granting the world access to the product of the secret formula – disguised as a homeopathic drug against mental fatigue that goes by the name of “Veritas Forte.” Considering the true intention of the operation the fact that the wrath of the churches of the world religions is unleashed at the band rather sooner than later is understood. And so, consequently, they are forced to go underground. That, however, is where RPWL continues to organize ultimate liberation from all oppression through the machineries of illusion run by religions and sects. RPWL are Wanted.

    The action of Wanted starts several days before the great day: Plato’s Day. The enemy’s fear is ever-growing, as, after all nobody knows at what point the mirages and illusions are eradicated from people’s minds once and for all. In the course of the record RPWL shift through ten varied songs full of breathtaking soundscapes and tell a compelling story of courage, doubt, bravery, the unconditional desire to never give in and, ultimately, the belief in what is right.

    By making a philosophy that is new and to a degree unique the subject of the concept of Wanted, RPWL bring the principle of the concept album to a new level. That is how this gigantic piece of art evolves into a true explosion of creativity. Furthermore the intellectual firepower of the content is in every way matched by the artistic and emotional depth of the music. More than ever a sharp artistic edge and the hunger for discovery is what drives this record forward. Despite more than fifteen years in the scene, Yogi Lang (vocals, keyboard), Kalle Wallner (guitar), Marc Turiaux (drums), Markus Jehle (keyboard, piano) and Werner Taus (bass) brilliantly avoid playing it safe.

    The masterpiece that is Wanted will also be released as double vinyl as well as a limited edition in additional 5.1-surround-sound. Yes, Wanted is a gamble – and boy does that gamble pay off.

    Release EU 14.03.2014
    USA 01.04.2014
    Media CD GAOM022
    CD + DVD 5.1 Surround-Sound, Limited Edition GAOM022LE
    2LP Double-Vinyl, Limited Edition GAOM022LP
    Label Gentle Art Of Music
    Distribution Soulfood Music
    Yogi Lang (vocals, keyboards)
    Kalle Wallner (guitars)
    Markus Jehle (keyboards)
    Werner Taus (bass)
    Marc Turiaux (drums)
    01. Revelation
    02. Swords And Guns
    03. A Clear Cut Line
    04. Wanted
    05. Hide And Seek
    06. Disbelief
    07. Misguided Thought
    08. Perfect Day
    09. The Attack
    10. A New Dawn
    Bonustrack: Still Asleep (digitally only, also on the limited editions of Vinyl and DVD-Surround)

  7. Beyond Man And Time | Audiobook

    RPWL | Beyond Man And Time | Audiobook

    RPWL Beyond Man And Time Audiobook The audiobook of “Beyond Man And Time” in English and German.
    “6,000 feet beyond man and time” – that is how Nietzsche once signed off the first lines of his opus magnum “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”. Quite similar to Nietzsche, RPWL‘s story’s protagonist is on a journey and meets various characters, partly adapted from Zarathustra, as means towards new insight. The basic idea in this is a so-called “revaluation of values” in terms of a new way of thinking. In this world “beyond man and time” there already are creatures of higher knowledge that the protagonist meets allegorically along his way: the keeper of the cave, the willingly blind, the scientist, the ugliest human, the creator, the shadow, the wise man in the desert and the fisherman. RPWL’s concept album “Beyond Man and Time” closes with a first resume, the big noon.
    This audiobook was originally part of the limited edition of “Beyond Man And Time”. Due to the large demand this was re-issued. Speaker: Ian Salmon (English), Andreas Königsmann (German).

    Release 12.03.2012
    Media CD Audiobook GAOM009AB
    Label Gentle Art Of Music
    Distribution Soulfood Music
  8. Beyond Man And Time

    RPWL | Beyond Man And Time

    RPWL - Beyond Man And Time12 years after the formation of one of Germany’s most successful art rock bands the Freising quintet RPWL takes its first shot at a concept album. “Beyond Man and Time” is a musical journey through the world outside of Platon’s cave. On March 9, 2012 the record will be released in a standard version as well as an exclusive bonus edition that includes an audio book. The record will also be presented live across Europe in April 2012.
    “6,000 feet beyond man and time” – that is how Nietzsche once signed off the first lines of his opus magnum “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”. Quite similar to Nietzsche, RPWL‘s story’s protagonist is on a journey and meets various characters, partly adapted from Zarathustra, as means towards new insight. The basic idea in this is a so-called “revaluation of values” in terms of a new way of thinking. In this world “beyond man and time” there already are creatures of higher knowledge that the protagonist meets allegorically along his way: the keeper of the cave, the willingly blind, the scientist, the ugliest human, the creator, the shadow, the wise man in the desert and the fisherman. RPWL’s concept album “Beyond Man and Time” closes with a first resume, the big noon.
    In addition to the regular version of the album there will also be a bonus edition limited of 2,000 copies. This exclusive edition includes an additional audio book that connects the music even more closely to the philosophical approach, plus a topographic map of the new world that is to be explored. Also, RPWL listeners are to be given a special live experience: audiences will be introduced to the record on an extensive European tour in April 2012.
    The material is the perfect start for the five musicians as they were translating it into music. They create musical themes for every single character on “Beyond Man And Time”: oriental percussion, expanded Moog-soli and an Indian sitar take care of a well placed, atmospheric and colorful adaptation. That is why the musical journey naturally culminates in a 16-minute-opus called “The fisherman”, and ends on a calm and meditative note with “Noon”…
    “The goal is to open eyes, look further, see more, and see differently. Words that everybody approves of are not going to lead to progress. We call that: “deadlock of the spirit”. Too many approaches of our time disappear in the void of the equal – the conformist.

    „This piece does not want to be conformist – actually, the exact opposite.
    It is a plea for original thinking, for dissent, for liberation.
    A plea. No poetry. No science.“
    (Yogi Lang)

    Release EU 09.03.2012
    USA 13.03.2012
    Media CD GAOM009
    2CD Digipack include Audiobook, Limited Edition GAOM009LE
    Label Gentle Art Of Music
    Distribution Soulfood Music
    Yogi Lang (vocals, keyboards)
    Kalle Wallner (guitars)
    Markus Jehle (keyboards)
    Werner Taus (bass)
    Marc Turiaux (drums)
    01. Transformed
    02. We Are What We Are
    03. Beyond Man And Time
    04. Unchain The Earth
    05. The Ugliest Man In The World
    06. The Road Of Creation
    07. Somewhere In Between
    08. The Shadow
    09. The Wise In The Desert
    I) The Wise In The Desert
    II) The Silenced Song
    10. The Fisherman
    I) High As A Mountain Part 1.
    II) The Abyss
    III) High As A Mountain Part 2.
    11. The Noon
  9. The Gentle Art Of Music

    RPWL | The Gentle Art Of Music

    RPWL - The Gentle Art Of Music The year 2000, a year of great events: the millennium had not turned out to be the end of the world, the Expo in Hamburg o- pened its gates and -by the way- one of the most successful bands of the German progressive rock scene formed: RPWL.
    10 turbulent years have passed by the Freising-based artrock band, that developed from a Pink Floyd cover-band to a huge musical success. Now the time has come for retrospection: their debut album “God has failed“ already paved the way for the four musicians’ successful career.
    Their unique mix of epic pop, artrock and progressive rock should cap- ture audiences right from the start. Thousands of people fell under the spell of Rissetto, Post, Wallner and Lang (RPWL) and followed them to wherever their eight albums took them. 250 shows in more than 15 coun- tries around the world made RPWL become an integral part of the in- ternational progressive scene. In particular their catchy riffs and socially critical lyrics found a great response amongst fans and journalists.

    Therefore, the prog-heroes did not hesitate to bring their music one step closer to their fans: In Kattowitz, Poland the long-awaited and long overdue live DVD “The RPWL LIVE experience“ was finally recorded to capture the essence of RPWL: the interaction of songwriting, impressive visuals and pure playfulness that form an entirely different live experence.

    But in the course of the years the band accumulated many more highlights: the filming of an episode of the German cult music TV show “Rockpalast“, the cooperation with Ex-Genesis and Ex-Stiltskin singer Ray Wilson for the hit-single “Roses“ or the chorus of praise from the German magazine “Eclipsed“ for their masterpiece “World Through My Eyes“.

    10 years of RPWL mark the perfect occasion to celebrate the band anniversary extensively with all friends and fans with many concerts all across Europe. But apart from indulging in memories and partying, RPWL present their brand new double cd with all their hits from the last ten years but also new interpretations featuring acoustic arrange- ments.

    “This year is dedicated to our fans because they deserve the biggest birthday present“, says Yogi Lang who can hardly wait to hit the road on RPWL’s spectacular anniversary tour.

    Release 26.03.2010
    Media 2CD GAOM002
    Label Gentle Art Of Music
    Distribution Soulfood Music
    Yogi Lang (vocals, keyboards)
    Kalle Wallner (guitars)
    Markus Jehle (keyboards)
    Chris Postl (bass)
    Marc Turiaux (drums)
    Ray Wilson (vocals)
    Tom Norris (violin, viola)
    Manu Delago (Hang)
    Conny Kreitmeier (backing-vocals)
    Bine Heller (backing-vocals)
    Julia Schröter (backing-vocals)
    CD1 / Compilation:
    01. Hole In The Sky
    02. Crazy Lane
    03. I Don’t Know
    04. Home Again
    05. The Gentle Art Of Swimming
    06. Sun In The Sky
    07. Roses
    08. Wasted Land
    09. 3 Lights
    10. Silenced
    11. Choose What You Want To Look At

    CD2 / Revisited:
    01. Sleep
    02. Trying To Kiss The Sun
    03. Moonflower
    04. Watching The World
    05. Start The Fire
    06. Farewell
    07. World Through My Eyes
    08. Cake
    09. Fool
    10. Breathe In, Breathe Out
    11. Bound To Reach The End

  10. The RPWL Experience

    RPWL | The RPWL Experience

    RPWL - The RPWL Experience It seems to be in the nature of things that every musician strives for the ultimate song, the perfect album. A high proportion of creativity, motivation and inspiration originates from that desire for perfection. But what happens if a band really comes close to its ideal? “Our last studio album was so colourful that it would have been impossible to top that aspect. This made us feel very content, but of course there was a danger that we’d end up copying ourselves,” says Yogi Lang, vocalist and keyboardist of the prog rock act RPWL from Southern Germany. “The question was: Will we stay on this island, relax and leave things the way they are? Or will we embark on another journey to new horizons?” The result of this internal stock-taking has now been completed and is called The RPWL Experience, an album that ventures into new musical and lyrical dimensions, while sounding extremely homogenous and of a piece. “We simply made into music what we ourselves enjoy. We didn’t want to hold back or apply the RPWL filter, but let our ideas run riot with musical lightness.”

    This standard refers not only to the band’s music with its diverse pace, but also to the songs’ contents. Because for RPWL, the significance of their tracks is based on a tight interplay between words and music. “We use music as our second language”, Lang explains. “Music makes language perceptibly more diverse, you can add an emotional depth to the words that they wouldn’t have without the music. This helps us to make language not one-dimensional but spherical or even brusque, depending on what you want.” Particularly since the themes that RPWL concentrate on on their new studio recording are definitely worth taking a closer look at.

    Such as ‘Choose What You Want To Look At’ with its outspoken lyrics against the uncritical consumption of TV programmes and manipulation through the media, which is often subtle, but frequently very obvious. Only very ignorant people believe that they are not manipulated by today’s media world. Vocalist Yogi Lang puts his finger on the problem, purposely confronting and provoking his listeners. “I was slightly irritated that a lot of people took no notice of the lyrics on our last studio album, World Through My Eyes, although they were very concise.“ This is the reason why the messages on The RPWL Experience, such as the unvarnished statement on war on ‘Stranger’, are extremely direct and uncompromising.

    The musical direction of the album complements this concept: Never before have the poles of RPWL’s stylistic direction been so far apart. Some tracks sound raw, unpolished, with lots of rough edges. It’s amazing to hear how the band deal ironically with bad press reviews on ‘This Is Not A Prog Song’, letting the song culminate in an abrasive finale. On other tracks, the musicians take apart their ideas, reducing them to their basic elements, presenting their music pure and unadulterated, like on ‘Watch Myself’, which would also work with an acoustic guitar and tambourine, but has been arranged with psychedelic Mellotrone sounds and a driving groove.

    Then there are those wonderful quotes from the annals of music history which the band treat themselves and their fans to. You find yourself grinning when guitarist Karlheinz Wallner comes up with an lascivious David Gilmour solo on the Bob Dylan cover song ‘Masters Of War’, or Yogi Lang refines ‘Stranger’ with a synthesizer part which brings to mind Manfred Mann’s Earthband during their Solar Fire and Nightingales And Bombers era.

    There really is a lot to be discovered on The RPWL Experience, in musical as well as in lyrical terms. You can simply enjoy the album, or use it as food for thought, as an intellectual challenge. Never mind for which occasion, in which frame of mind or at what time you listen to these wonderful songs, they have compositional and technical class and great entertainment value. Could you pay an album any greater compliment?

    Reissue 01.01.2013
    Release 29.02.2008
    Media CD GAOM018
    CD Special Edition GAOM018SE
    Label Gentle Art Of Music
    Distribution Soulfood Music
    Yogi Lang (vocals, keyboards)
    Kalle Wallner (guitars)
    Chris Postl (bass)
    Manni Müller (drums)
    01. Silenced
    02. Breathe In, Breathe Out
    03. Where Can I Go?
    04. Masters of War
    05. This Is Not A Progsong
    06. I Watch Myself Sleeping
    07. Stranger
    08. Talk To The River
    09. Choose What You Want To Look At
    10. Turn Back The Clock
    11. Reach For The Sun (Bonus Track on Special Edition and Digital-/Download Edition)

  11. Start The Fire (Live)

    RPWL | Start The Fire (Live)

    RPWL Start The Fire cdcover “Start The Fire” is RPWL’s first live album after their recent album and tour success “World Through My Eyes”. Disc one is featuring songs from a “Rockpalast” show highlighting the band’s previous albums (“God Has Failed”, “Trying to Kiss the Sun”, “Stock” and, of course, “World Through My Eyes”) with a special appearance of Ray Wilson (“Roses”, “Not About Us”). Disc two, on the other hand, is a tour de force that reflects RPWL’s live experience from the recent three tours. More upbeat and borderline sublime – punctuated by some Floyd covers like the surprise version of Syd Barrett’s “Opel” or the great “Welcome To The Machine”. The album concludes with the complete 12-and-a-half-minute version of the evocative “New Stars Are Born”. Only the first seven minutes of this song were included on the last studio album “World Through My Eyes”.

    Reissue 01.01.2013
    Release 14.10.2005
    Media 2CD GAOM017
    Label Gentle Art Of Music
    Distribution Soulfood Music
    Yogi Lang (voc, keys)
    Kalle Wallner (guitars)
    Markus Jehle (keys)
    Chris Postl (bass)
    Manni Müller (drums)
    Ray Wilson (vocals)

    CD 1:
    1) Sleep
    2) Start the Fire
    3) Who Do You Think We Are
    4) Day On My Pillow
    5) Roses (with Ray Wilson)
    6) Not About Us (with Ray Wilson)
    7) The Gentle Art of Swimming
    8) Wasted Land
    9) Crazy Lane
    10) Trying to Kiss the Sun

    CD 2:
    1) World Through My Eyes
    2) Opel
    3) Cymbaline
    4) Welcome to the Machine
    5) I Don’t Know
    6) Hole in the Sky
    7) New Stars Are Born (unreleased complete studio-version)

  12. World Through My Eyes

    RPWL | World Through My Eyes

    RPWL - World through my eyes CD Cover After “Stock”, a collection of unreleased material, the band had the time to clear their mind and work on something completely different. The new album was influenced by Indian belief theories including eastern instruments recorded in india. “World Through My Eyes” sounds rockier and more colourful than the previous albums: It has the progressive peculiarities of the first, the stupendous sensibilities of the second, and the experimental eccentricities of the third. Also the lyrics are coming to the point: What is reality if our only experience is the world through our eyes? As a special highlight the pop ballad “Roses” proves to be won (including Genesis / Stiltskin) as a guest singer none other than Ray Wilson and gives the song a very special simply structured depth alone by his voice. If you’ve liked anything in RPWL’s discography, you’ll definitely take pleasure in this one.

    Reissue 01.01.2013
    Release 24.01.2005
    Media CD GAOM016
    Label Gentle Art Of Music
    Distribution Soulfood Music
    Yogi Lang (voc, keys)
    Kalle Wallner (guitars)
    Stephan Ebner (bass)
    Manni Müller (drums)
    Guest: Ray Wilson (vocals on ‘Roses”)

    01. Sleep (7:11)
    02. Start the fire (5:02)
    03. Everything was not Enough (8:43)
    04. Roses (6:36)
    05. Three Lights (8:30)
    06. Sea-Nature (8:21)
    07. Day on my Pillow (4:23)
    08. World through my Eyes (10:14)
    09. Wasted Land (4:52)
    10. Bound to reach the End (6:56)
    11. New Stars (6:30) (bonus track on the Special Edition and digital-/download-version)

  13. Stock

    RPWL | Stock

    RPWL - Stock CD Cover RPWL had the idea of publishing the so-called “unreleased songs” while listening to old demo tapes. Especially songs that were not included in the first two albums “God has failed” and “Trying to kiss the sun” shouldn’t get lost just because the songs didn’t fit to the concepts of the albums. Nevertheless, it were songs that were still on the set lists of many RPWL concerts at that time. Furthermore the band wanted to clear their mind before heading out on new material! So they took the time to give the songs the necessary depth and finish in the studio. The most spectacular songs of “Stock”, are the ten minute RPWL live classic “The Gentle Art Of Swimming” and of course “Opel”, an unproduced relic by Pink Floyd founder Syd Barrett. In a relatively predictable genre, Stock effortlessly transcends the prog hoards for a laid-back yet surprising example of expert musicianship and taste.

    Reissue 01.01.2013
    Release 05.02.2005
    Media CD GAOM015
    Label Gentle Art Of Music
    Distribution Soulfood Music
    Yogi Lang (vocals, keyboards)
    Kalle Wallner (guitars)
    Andreas Wernthaler (keyboards)
    Stephan Ebner (bass)
    Philip Rissettio (drums)

    01. Opel (5:27)
    02. The Way It Is (5:47)
    03. Perceptual Response (1:21)
    04. Forgive Me – Part 1 (1:39)
    05. Gentle Art Of Swimming (10:17)
    06. Who Do You Think You Are (3:36)
    07. Going Outside (0:24)
    08. Sun In The Sky (4:23)
    09. Forgive Me – Part 2 (3:01)
    10. Forgive Me – Part 3 (3:07)

  14. Trying To Kiss The Sun

    RPWL | Trying to kiss the sun

    RPWL - Trying to kiss the sun CD Cover With their debut CD in September 2000 “God has Failed”, RPWL was greeted on all sides with great enthusiasm and has become an appreciated part of the progressive/symphonic rock scene. Without a question, the music of their second album “Trying to kiss the sun” is still typically “RPWL” but with a well-thought out collage of sound and tone, haunting melodies and poetic texts that get under the skin and are not easily forgotten, together with a Brit-pop rock mood, RPWL has made significant steps towards their own style of music with this second album. Whether enjoyed live or on CD, the songs sometimes sound a little raw but in that they have a very sensitive and personal tone, are not only a pleasure to listen to but at times can raise the hair on your head! The Tour for 2002 was already backed-up by a unique Quadrophonic-System, so every live concert became a very special experience all over europe including the USA.

    Reissue 01.01.2013
    Release 16.07.2002
    Media CD GAOM014
    Label Gentle Art Of Music
    Distribution Soulfood Music
    Yogi Lang (vocals, keyboards)
    Kalle Wallner (guitars)
    Andreas Wernthaler (keyboards)
    Stephan Ebner (bass)
    Philip Rissettio (drums)

    01. Trying To Kiss The Sun (3:55)
    02. Waiting For A Smile (7:04)
    03. I Don´t Know (What It´s Like) (4:32)
    04. Sugar For The Ape (5:03)
    05. Side By Side (8:35)
    06. You (6:49)
    07. Tell Me Why (5:08)
    08. Believe Me (5:14)
    09. Sunday Morning (4:29)
    10. Home Again (8:52)
  15. God Has Failed

    RPWL | God Has Failed

    RPWL - God Has Failed CD Cover RPWL’s debut album from 2000: “God has Failed”. The Band’s name RPWL is named as an anagram of the last names of the members, Phil Paul Risettio, Chris Postl, Kalle Wallner, and Yogi Lang. Back in the 90ties, Yogi, Chris and Kalle were involved in a the Band “Violet District”. Sophisticated song structures, full sound, echoey guitars, that lazy way of singing, all calls to mind some of the best Floyd tunes. Over the years, songs like the opener “Hole In the Sky” or “Crazy Lane” with their stronger sense of melody and this special feel for the hook became RPWL live classics. The album title, questioning fatalism or rather the concept of an unmoved mover in generel, is already opening the window into later works of the band.

    Reissue 01.01.2013
    Release 11.09.2000
    Media CD GAOM013
    Label Gentle Art Of Music
    Distribution Soulfood Music
    Yogi Lang (vocals, keyboards)
    Kalle Wallner (guitars)
    Chris Postl (bass)
    Philip Rissettio (drums)
    01. Hole in the Sky (8:22)
    Part 1: Fly
    Part 2: Crawl to You
    02. Who Do You Think We Are (4:15)
    03. Wait Five Years (3:00)
    04. What I Need –
    Part 1: leaving (1:56)
    Part 2: What I Need (5:19)
    05. In Your Dreams (6:47)
    06. It’s Alright (5:21)
    07. Crazy Lane (4:43)
    08. Fool (5:27)
    09. Hole in the Sky
    Part 3: The Promise (2:39)
    10. Spring of Freedom (5:52)
    11. Farewell (5:50)
    12. God Has Failed (2:16)