03Sep 2017

We are looking forward to the releases of four great album this year!
Save the date:

27 OCT 2017 | SCHIZOFRANTIK Ripping Heartaches

10 NOV 2017 | BLIND EGO Liquid Live

17 NOV 2017 | LESOIR Latitude

24 NOV 2017 | PANZERBALLETT X-Mas Death Jazz

03Aug 2017

We are proud to welcome a new artist in our steadily growing label family: LESOIR from the Netherlands. Their excellent new album is called LATITUDE and will be released on 17 November 2017. www.lesoirmusic.com

26Jul 2017

A big success for RPWL with their concert-film ‘A New Dawn’ released on 14 July 2017: the live recording, which comes in five different formats, reached chart placements in Germany! Rank 10 in category ‘music videos’ and rank 100 in category ‘albums’.

01Jul 2017

On 9 July 2017 at 11 am, we will present RPWL’s brand new concert film A NEW DAWN in cinema-quality. Be part of this unique event and celebrate this world premiere on the occasion of our 20th anniversary! The tickets are 10,00 EUR each and can be reserved here: kino@rpwl.net
It will already begin at 10:30 am with a sect reception at the Royal Filmpalast (Goetheplatz 2, Munich, Germany).

30Jun 2017

Starting today, the single-track MISGUIDED THOUGHT from the upcoming RPWL concert film A NEW DAWN on YouTube and Vimeo is online. The track gives a taste for this two-hour concert-highlight which is not only in German and English synchronized versions, but also satisfies the highest demands on sound with DOLBY ATMOS.
The concert will be available from 14 July 2017 as a Blu-Ray, DVD, double CD and triple vinyl, as well as a limited collectors box.

29May 2017

On the 14th of July the great concert film “A NEW DAWN” by RPWL will be released. The trailer already gives a small taste for the DVD highlight of the year! The album does not only appear on DVD, but also on Blu-Ray (incl. Dolby Atmos), double audio CD, triple vinyl (180g each) and as a limited collector box. Available for pre-order in our shop, now.

08May 2017

RPWL have finally announced the release of the long awaited live album “A NEW DAWN”. The concert was already recorded at the end of 2015 with enormous technical effort and with over fifty participants. In addition to the formats Bluray, DVD, double CD, double vinyl, a limited edition collector’s box will be available, which also contains many extras as well as all the media.

28Apr 2017

The first live album of the Prog-Metal band DANTE, containing double CD and DVD in Digipak is officially out today. Find more information about ‘Where Life Was Beautiful – Live in Katowice’ here.

04Mar 2017

BLIND EGO present a one shot shot video in 4K of the complete concert recorded on 20 January 2017 at the Logo/Hamburg  – the 1:37 h film can be watched on YouTube. now. The five musicians around RPWL guitarist Kallen Wallner not only proove their perfect playing but show incredibly much energy and joy of playing. The setlist includes almost the complete album LIQUID, as well as three songs of the first two albums. As a special guest, singer Arno Menses of SUBSIGNAL joins the band for the song BLACKENED.

03Mar 2017

After the great success of the first single ‘Blackened’ and the album ‘Liquid’, followed-up by the European tour in January, BLIND EGO release their second single ‘Tears and Laughter’. RPWL guitarist Kalle Wallner recorded this with Arno Menses from SUBSIGNAL on vocals, together with bass-player Sebastian Harnack (SYLVAN) and Michael Schwager on drums.

25Feb 2017

In 2016 DANTE played for the first time in Poland, leaving behind pure enthusiasm. One year later the DVD/2CD package will be released on 28th April 2017. The live recording from Katowice will be completed with a second live recording from their hometown Augsburg also from last year. The three recordings offer the absolute highlights from the ten-year band history of the Prog-Metal-band.

24Dec 2016

We would like to thank all our artists and partners for the great cooperation. We had a lot of highlights this year and we are looking forward to 2017 where we expect albums of Subsignal, Panzerballett, Yogi Lang, Dante, Ally The Fiddle and RPWL. A special thank to you, the listeners and fans of our bands and their music, with whom we could spend a great year. All the best for the new year!

21Oct 2016

Since today the brand new BLIND EGO album “LIQUID” is out. The already highly acclaimed record of RPWL guitarist Kalle Wallner appears as a 180g vinyl edition (soft touch) and as a Digpak CD. As guest there are Arno Menses and Ralf Schwager (SUBSIGNAL), Sebastian Harnack (SYLVAN), drummer Michael Schwager and many more.

07Oct 2016

The waiting time for the long awaited DVD ‘A NEW DAWN’ shorten us RPWL with another document of their perfect interpretation of old Pink Floyd songs. We are excited about the LIVE-CD & DVD in the double-digipak of Pink Floyd’s first concept-show ‘The Man And The Journey’ which was performed live, but never found the way to an official soundtrack. RPWL show themselves in high form and present this unorthodox set with playful ease. The double package will be available in time for the autumn tour on 28 October 2016.

27Aug 2016

BLIND EGO, the project of RPWL guitarist Kalle Wallner, release today the new single ‘Blackened’.  The brand new video for the song was already presented yesterday at the German Rock Hard magazine. The song is featured by SUBSIGNAL frontman Arno Menses. “Liquid”, the forthcoming album of the combo, is out from 21st October. Musical support gets Wallner besides Arno by drummer Michael Schwager (ex-DREAMSCAPE), the bass trio Sebastian Harnack (SYLVAN), Ralf Schwager (SUBSIGNAL) and Heiko Jung (PANZER BALLET) and the Swede Erik Blomkvist and the singer of the Americans SIMEON SOUL CHARGER Aaron Brooks on vocals. “Liquid” includes nine new tracks and follows the 2009 published BLIND EGO long player “Numb”. ‘Blackened’ is already available on iTunes, but can also be watched on YouTube.

31Jul 2016

It is our great pleasure to announce that another top-class band has signed with Gentle Art Of Music: Welcome SUBSIGNAL to our GAOM label family! Their new album will be produced in our own studios of Yogi Lang and Kalle Wallner. The release is scheduled for 2017. The photo shows guitarist Markus Steffen (right) and Kalle Wallner at the contract-signing today in Munich.

28Jul 2016

With ‘Liquid’  the solo project BLIND EGO of RPWL guitarist Kalle Wallner is back and if it is considered more versatile than ever. Seven years have come and gone since the last album, now the wait is over. A sneak peek of the album and the upcoming single shows the trailer, which is online since today.

21Jul 2016

A terrific weekend is behind us! Frequency Drift and RPWL both played at the renowned ‘Night Of The Prog-festival’ on the famous Loreley open air stage at St. Goarshausen on the Rhine. Both bands have left here a sensational impression, got at the end of their sets applause lasting several minutes and were great ambassadors for Gentle Art Of Music. A great start for the upcoming festival season!