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Nine years after his “No Decoder”, RPWL frontman Yogi Lang announces a new solo album -expectations are high after such a long time. The new album titled “A Way Out Of Here” not only offers a colourful palette of art rock with its nine songs, but also illuminates the essentials of life with all obstacles, fears and rays of hope. A song-serving brilliant band, analog synthesizers and epic choirs provide the basis for Yogi Lang’s gilmouresque voice.

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Music connoisseurs who appreciate modern, outstandingly played and produced art rock with wonderful little stories will love this album. Music in which the spoken word alone is no longer enough to express what wants to be said. (incl. bonus dvd “Live at De Boerderij 2011”)


01. Move On 9:28
02. A Way Out Of Here 5:30
03. Shine On Me 5.45
04. Don’t Confuse Life With A Thought 4:30
05. Love Is All Around 4:35
06. Freedom Of The Day 4:20
07. Early Mornig Light 6:25
08. The Sound Of The Ocean 4:30
09. I’ll Be There For You 5:20

Bonus DVD:
01. Sacrifice 12.02
02. Our World Has Changed 5.27
03. A Million Miles Away 7.56
04. Sugar For The Ape 4.33
05. No Decoder 4.51
06. To The End 6.19
07. Our Modern World 4.14
08. Breathe In, Breathe Out 4.11
09. SensValue 5.00
10. A Better Place For Me 7.11

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A Way Out Of Here


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