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“A Trick of Light” is another gigantic step ahead in the evolution of this band. Ever since the early days, Simeon Soul Charger have received particular acclaim for their impressive live shows, which is a two-edged sword as the members of the band say: “Oftentimes people would say: the record is great, but you HAVE to see them live! We wanted to adjust that.” For the first time ever Simeon Soul Charger have now managed to transfer both the electrifying energy as well as the fascinating excitement of their live shows from the stage to the studio. To do so, the band proved its courage during the recording sessions, as they invited fans and friends to the studio and simply recorded all the songs live. Aiming to show the world what Simeon Soul Charger is capable of, the band has thus managed to endow “A Trick of Light” with a degree of sophistication in dynamics, courage, creativity, craziness and artistic precision that has never been seen before.

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“A Trick of Light” is the product of the combined gutsiness of four talented musicians who dared to declare: if it’s real, it’s good.
1. The Prince Of Wands
2. Heavy
3. Evening Drag
4. How Do You Peel
5. Where Do You Hide
6. Workers Hymn
7. The Illusionist
8. Jane (A Bird In Flight)
9. I Put A Spell On You
10. Floating Castles

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