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Pinski left nothing to chance for their debut album. That is why in Fabio Trentini (Guano Apes, Donots, H-Blockx) the band hired a producer who is as well-established as he is experienced. Trentini’s skill steered the sound of this young band into the desired direction. The powerful riffing of American-born guitarist Ian Alexander Griffiths provides Pinski’s ingenious compositions with a heavy metal-edge. However, the heaviness neither takes away any of the delicate nuances of the songs nor does it weaken the joy of the music’s rhythmic accessibility. Along with Stephan Schöpe on drums and Christopher Streidt on bass Griffiths lays the foundation for the exciting big picture that is ultimately perfected by the mastermind’s very own ingredients: singing, screaming, and jamming out distorted riffs on her acoustic guitar, Pinski frontwoman Insa Reichwein is a hard rock songsmith who wears her heart on her sleeve.

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The band’s debut consists of eleven songs that offer next to everything: from bite-sized rock canapés all the way to intricately woven progressive explosions in taste that spread over more than seven minutes.

01. Ugly Side
02. Sound The Alarm
03. Butterflies
04. Ill
05. Humanity
06. Fire
07. Letter Of Regret
08. Society
09. Red Sun
10. Stay Alive
11. Light Calling

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Sound The Alarm






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