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While Crystal Palace’s sound was incredibly heavy and direct on the last album, The System of Events, the Berliners meanwhile reach a lot further: they put themselves into distant spheres and thus manage to embrace all the aforementioned changes in an act of emancipation from the status quo – taking the bull by its horns, if you will. Dawn of Eternity still brings an enormous force to the table, but by reducing the degree of brutality the band created an inherent increase of free space that allows for the much more thorough realization of the songwriting’s very picturesque conception, which, in return, gives the application of the steam hammer of earlier days much more precision.

The first step is completed. From now on, nothing will stop Crystal Palace – next stop: eternity.

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The first step is almost always the most difficult – especially when you are aiming for eternity, because… well, eternity is quite an aspiration. Mastering a task of such proportions certainly takes a real-life Hercules – or Crystal Palace, as the Berliners prove in the most impressive manner on their new record ‘Dawn of Eternity’.

01. Dawn (2:35)
02. Confess Your Crime (8:26)
03. Eternal Step (6:31)
04. Any Colour You Need (8:19)
05. Daylight After The Rain (3:32)
06. Fields Of Consciousness (6:35)
07. Hearts On Sale (5:45)
08. Eternity (2:00)
09. All Of This (5:43)
10. Sky Without Stars (5:21)
11. The Day That doesn’t End (4.15)

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Crystal Palace


Dawn Of Eternity




Mixed and Mastered by Yogi lang (RPWL)




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